Pilgrimages in India: Celebrating Journeys of Plurality and Sacredness

Thursday, March 3, 2016 to Friday, March 4, 2016
Indiana University Gateway, Gurgaon, India

In a classic definition of Indian pilgrimage, a physical journey to a sacred place is made for purification and the redemption of sins. There is an opportunity to detach oneself from the worries of daily life and to devote time to prayer, chanting, dancing, contemplation, reading scriptures and listening to the spiritual discourses of the holy ones. This culture of pilgrimage is deeply embedded in Indian society. In the latter of the four age-based stages of the ideally conducted life (ashrams) - namely student, householder, retirement, and asceticism - one is expected to undertake regular pilgrimages (thirths) to overcome the never-ending birth-life-death cycles.

Call for presentations - deadline for abstracts: November 30, 2015