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Wed 13th January 2021

Watch the papers at the conference here: including Dee Dyas speaking on "Theology ambushed by expe

Wed 13th January 2021

Dee Dyas, Director of the Centre for Pilgrimage Studies, gave the opening keynote lecture "Connecting with the Sacred: Pilgrimage, the senses, and spiritual encounter, past and present" at the Wate

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Thu 19th October 2017

In the 5th Global Conference, the many personal, interpersonal, intercultural, and international dimensions of pilgrimage will continue to be explored. These include similarities and differences in the practice in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, and other traditions, as well as secular pilgrimage.

Rochester Cathedral
Mon 19th June 2017

This conference is designed as an opportunity to share research outcomes of the 3 year AHRC funded project on ‘Pilgrimage and England’s Cathedrals, Past and Present’ in conversation with others working in the fields of pilgrimage and both journey- and place-related spirituality.

Tue 7th February 2017

Read a new blog post by Professor George Greenia, entitled Pilgrims as readers & writers: some reflections.

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Tue 7th February 2017

An Interdisciplinary Conference Sponsored by the Institute for Pilgrimage Studies and the International Consortium for Pilgrimage Studies. We encourage submission of papers involving research and creative activity on journeys to a sacred center or travel for transformation from a broad range of disciplines and perspectives including religious studies, anthropology, literature, art history, kinesiology, classical studies, history, sociology, theater and dance.

Woodcut of St Michael, from Pierre Le Charpentier, Instructions pour la confrérie des pellerins du Mont St Michel érigée en la paroisse de St Niçaise en Rouen (Rouen, Jacques Hérault, 1668)
Tue 7th February 2017

The purpose of this one-day colloquium is to examine a particular manifestation of interiority and its relationship to material experience: that of the spiritual journey or pilgrimage. This could take the form of an imagined real journey, such as Louis Richeome’s The Pilgrim of Loreto or an allegorical voyage such as John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. This meeting has as its objective an exploration of spiritual and interior journeys, understood broadly.

Tue 10th May 2016

The Society for Renaissance Studies is holding a Symposium entitled "Pilgrimage, Shrines and Healing in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe" on 24th June 2016 at the University of Chester.

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Fri 1st January 2016

In a classic definition of Indian pilgrimage, a physical journey to a sacred place is made for purification and the redemption of sins. There is an opportunity to detach oneself from the worries of daily life and to devote time to prayer, chanting, dancing, contemplation, reading scriptures and listening to the spiritual discourses of the holy ones. This culture of pilgrimage is deeply embedded in Indian society. In the latter of the four age-based stages of the ideally conducted life (ashrams) - namely student, householder, retirement, and asceticism - one is expected to undertake regular pilgrimages (thirths) to overcome the never-ending birth-life-death cycles.

Fri 6th November 2015

See our Events page for more information on Pilgrimages in India: Celebrating Journeys of Plurality and Sacredness - an international interdisciplinary conference to

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Thu 1st October 2015

Pilgrimages are some of the most ancient practices of humankind and are associated with a great variety of religious, spiritual and secular traditions.

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Mon 1st June 2015

Indigenizing Pilgrimage: Growing, Identifying and Localizing Transformative Journey, will take place May 8-9, 2015, at Concordia University in Montréal. Jointly sponsored by the Department of Theological Studies and the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability, it will bring together scholars and pilgrims from across disciplines to discuss this localizing imperative. One of the conference keynote addresses and at least one presentation session will focus on journey in aboriginal contexts. We would love you to join us on this journey of discovery.

Fri 8th May 2015

A new book from Ian Reader entitled Pilgrimage: A Very Short Introduction is now available from Oxford University Press.

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Thu 1st January 2015

Pilgrimage is a cross-cultural phenomenon that facilitates interaction between and among diverse peoples from countless cultures and walks of life. In the 2nd Global Conference, we will continue to explore the many personal, interpersonal, intercultural, and international dimensions of this profound phenomenon.

Wed 17th December 2014

A ground-breaking new interdisciplinary project, funded by the AHRC, investigates the role of pilgrimage in the past and its renewed popularity today.

Wed 8th October 2014

A workshop on Migration, Transnationalism and Catholicism will be held at Middlesex University, London on 25th February 2015. See our Events page for further details.

Thu 24th April 2014

The Nanzan Institute has prepared an open-source collection of visual images related to Japanese religions, based on a donation of over 800 slides from Ian Reader, professor at Lancaster University. Read more...

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Fri 10th January 2014

Explore this wonderful online resource, which includes detailed information on late medieval pilgrim badges, at Kunera, late medieval badges and ampullae

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Tue 3rd December 2013

Watch the new BBC Two series Pilgrimage With Simon Reeve tonight, Tuesday 3rd December 2013, at 9pm.

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Wed 20th November 2013

A new book series from Ashgate seeks to place itself at the forefront of recent developments and conversations in the field of Pilgrimage Studies.