Database of Pilgrimage Resources

The Database of Pilgrimage Resources is designed to bring together information relating to all aspects within the field of Pilgrimage Studies, including publications, research projects, websites, conferences and events.

Information is drawn from every related area of study, such as Art History, Archaeology, Architecture, History, Geography, Literature, Psychology, Religious Studies and Theology, Social Anthropology, Museum and Tourism Studies. The material can reflect any culture, faith, period or geographical location.

NOTE: the database is due for further development, which will incorporate a more detailed search mechanism and greater scope for resource categorisation. These plans will be outlined on this website in the near future.

Contribute to the database

Increasing the breadth of database content, and refining existing records, is an ongoing process. We are eager to involve scholars and researchers from around the world in helping us to create a definitive resource covering the field of pilgrimage studies.

Researchers can obtain database user accounts, which allow them to enter and edit information in the database. Each user account also has an associated 'Research Profile', where research interests and details can be entered. When the database is searched, relevant research profiles will be displayed alongside standard database entries, allowing users to identify both content resources and authorities in the field.