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Pilgrimage, Place, Heritage, and the Politics of Replication
A special issue of Religion, based on the work of the 'Pilgrimage and England's Cathedrals: Past and Present' AHRC project.
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Pilgrimage and England's Cathedrals: Past, Present, and Future
This book looks at England's cathedrals and their relationship with pilgrimage throughout history and in the present day. The volume brings together historians, social scientists, and cathedral practitioners to provide groundbreaking work, comprising a historical overview of the topic, thematic studies, and individual views from prominent clergy discussing how they see pilgrimage as part of the contemporary cathedral experience.
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The Dynamics of Pilgrimage: Christianity, Holy Places, and Sensory Experience
This book offers a systematic, chronological analysis of the role played by the human senses in experiencing pilgrimage and sacred places, past and present. It thus addresses two major gaps in the existing literature, by providing a broad historical narrative against which patterns of continuity and change can be more meaningfully discussed, and focusing on the central, but curiously neglected, area of the core dynamics of pilgrim experience.
The Walsingham Conspiracy of 1537

Moreton, C.E., ‘The Walsingham Conspiracy of 1537’,

Institute of Historical Research 63 (Feb 1990): 29-43.

In search of heritage: as pilgrim or tourist?

Fladmark, J.M., ed. 1998.

In search of heritage: as pilgrim or tourist?

Shaftesbury: Donhead.