Pilgrimage, Place, Heritage, and the Politics of Replication

A special issue of Religion, based on the work of the 'Pilgrimage and England's Cathedrals: Past and Present' AHRC project.




Religion in cathedrals: pilgrimage, heritage, adjacency, and the politics of replication in Northern Europe - Simon Coleman and Marion Bowman

Replication or rivalry? The ‘Becketization’ of pilgrimage in English Cathedrals - John Jenkins

More English than the English, more Roman than Rome? Historical signifiers and cultural memory at Westminster Cathedral - John Jenkins and Alana Harris

Caminoisation and Cathedrals: replication, the heritagisation of religion, and the spiritualisation of heritage - Marion Bowman and Tiina Sepp

Nidaros Cathedral: a recreated pilgrim church - Lisbeth Mikaelsson

On praying in an old country: ritual, replication, heritage, and powers of adjacency in English cathedrals - Simon Coleman

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