Institute for Pilgrimage Studies (College of William & Mary)

The Institute for Pilgrimage Studies at the College of William & Mary in Virginia was created to facilitate the study of pilgrimage through two primary mechanisms.

First, the Institute provides support for the international Consortium on Pilgrimage studies. The Institute supports the Consortium by:

  1. organizing an annual conference;
  2. providing an extensive bibliography of pilgrimage related research materials that is available to members of the consortium;
  3. aiding in communication among the member institutions with regards to scholarly activities, study abroad programs, and curriculum development.

The second mission of the Institute is to facilitate a study abroad program through the College of William & Mary and based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Students participating in the summer program will have the opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research projects in pilgrimage studies. The summer program consists of two weeks of classroom instruction, three weeks of on-site research, and a one week workshop to complete the experience.

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